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From: Richard van Oorschot
Subject: Re: [] Knife Sharpening
Date: 13:27 on 08 May 2007
On 5/8/07, Russell Joanne (ST) <Joanne.Russell@xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
> As I no longer live in London can someone take along a video camera and
> then post the video so I too can see how its done.
> Or would black cladded, knife wielding maniacs armed with a video camera
> just take this whole thing a step too far?
Being in Holland I second that. I've actually been tempted to get the
Vulkanus knife sharpener (
) as I've heard really good things about it. It takes care of the
angle so it shouldn't kill the knife as quickly as the others. But
it's always better to learn how it's *supposed* to be done.


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