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From: Sam Kelly
Subject: Re: [] Knife Sharpening
Date: 22:25 on 09 May 2007
On 5/9/07, Nicola Tarbet <> wrote:
> I bought a knife some months ago for just this purpose. Didn't get round to
> buying a steel though.
> Does anyone here know how to sharpen knives? Or how we find a suitable tutor
> for the Free Knife-In(tm)?
> I have been shown but I wouldn't be able to reproduce the technique - I
> definitely need hands-on lessons

I can use (and teach the use of) a steel, but I've never used a proper
whetstone/sharpening stone on a kitchen knife.  Agricultural
implements yes, briefly, but they weren't supposed to get actually

Would definitely be interested in learning, and will demonstrate steeling

Sam Kelly,

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