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From: Jakob Whitfield
Subject: Re: [] Odd Bits Of Kitchen Equipment
Date: 10:59 on 05 Jul 2007
> > I jones for Spaetzle on a regular basis so you've just sold me on the
> > whole concept.
> Any good recipe suggestions? We usually use them as a bed for Chicken
> Paprikash but I know they're pretty versatile.
> --
> -James

Anywhere you might use pasta like tagliatelle. I'd go for cream
sauces. Also for things like Goulasch. In the Allgaeu they're often
fried and served with bacon and cheese, but this is perhaps best saved
for when you've been skiing all day...

I do recall having made an artery-destroying macaroni cheese that I
saw on Saturday Kitchen once that used spaetzle. Unfortunately the
dough was too thick to go through the small holes on my colander, so I
took the traditional approach and plonked the dough on a board,
cutting bits so they fell into the boiling water below, watching their
agonised death-throes...

...I said that last bit out loud didn't I? Bugger.


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