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From: Jakob Whitfield
Subject: Re: [] Low fat food
Date: 17:01 on 16 Jul 2007
Me and the missus decided to try the dieting thing a while ago, and I
had much the same reaction to lots of the healthy recipes I saw.

We used the Grauniad's online dieting thingy which I believe is a
rebranded e-diets. A fair amount of tasty stuff there if you look

I found that the most important/useful thing was really seeing how
much food is in x-hundred calories, and realising that in order to be
losing weight I needed to be eating 15-20% less - OR eating less
fat/meat/carbs and more veg. I did feel hungry for the first few days

Alas like many things I have started to slip back into my bad old ways
so I may have to try and instill discipline again before my GP starts
muttering about my cholesterol.


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