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From: Tom Sulston
Subject: Re: [] Fishy Advice
Date: 19:10 on 24 Jul 2006
On Jul 24, 2006, at 17:01, Simon Wistow wrote:

>> Does anyone have any nice things to do with some haddock fillets that
>> would be different and interesting?
> Poach it in flavoured milk (curry leaves, cumin, coriander), flake it
> and stir it through rice for kedgeree?

I am an imperialist swine and I endorse this plan. The only thing  
finer than kedgeree is having one's Moroccan serving boy prepare it  
for one in the morning, giving one an extra hour of kip.

Or you could steam it with some lemongrass/lime leaves/galangal/ 
chilli, and flake it over some rice noodles with some coriander, more  
chilli. And have a sort of warmish Thai noodly fish salad thing.

Or make fishcakes.


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