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From: Russell Joanne \(ST\)
Subject: RE: [] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 11:52 on 04 Jan 2007
I don't know if anyone is interested but this link provides
8 penguin cookery books by people like Nigel Slater, Rick Stein etc reduced from 66 to 5 (6.75 if you include delivery)
Just in case you are interested!

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Subject: Re: [] New Year's Resolution.....

This one time, at band camp, Billy Abbott wrote:

> I'd not heard of the "stick a star anise in your tomato sauce" idea 
> until
> just before Christmas (and haven't had made a tomato since...) - I hear > it works rather well. What does it add to the flavour (apart from 
> aniseedyness, which I would have thought wouldn't work that well)?

Actually you want it to have aniseedyness that's actually below taste 
threshold.  It adds something.  Not sure I can define it.  Body?

> I also add a pinch of sugar (in the proportions above, probably a good
> spoon of sugar) - it seems to bring out the tomatoeyness without adding > too much sweetness (although you need to make sure you don't add too 
> much).

Ahh yes, I tend to do that sometimes too.  Lowers the acidity of the 
tomatoes a bit.

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