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From: Richard van Oorschot
Subject: Re: [] Moving house
Date: 11:23 on 22 Mar 2007
On 3/22/07, Russell Joanne (ST) <Joanne.Russell@xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
>  I am moving house next week - actually purchasing my own home!  First
> time buyer and all that.
Congratulations! I was in this situation last november. It's scary,
but strangely fulfilling as well!

> Now we haven't got a lot of money but I do really want a half decent
> knife set.  I was looking on Ebay and Amazon the other day and I realise
> I am hampered slightly by having no idea of what a good name is to look
> for or what qualities I should be looking at!
I've always been a fan of Sabatier knives. They're not extremely high
cost, but have good blades, and are very durable. The make and type
are very personal though, so make sure you get to hold it before
buying. Make sure you get a decent size (25 cm at least, and a 'high'
blade) chef's knife first, and then expand as needed. Through the
years I've added a smaller (restaurant 'office' type) and a heavy
cleaver, but stopped at that. I'm not a big fan of buying a set all at
once. You don't really need all the extra's you're getting. For
instance, as a bread knife anything with a serrated edge (and a blade
that doesn't bend!) will do.

Also, for keeping the knives, I've got a magnetic strip stuck to the
wall. I like the way they're always protected and in sight at the same
time. A block will do just as well, but don't throw them in a drawer
as that'll kill the blades within weeks...

> Oh and also - a good knife sharpener as well!

Ooh, I could do with tips here as well. I've been keeping them
relatively sharp with a steel (?), but they could use with a decent
sharpening. I'm tempted to bring them to a professional, as I don't
trust the 'sharpeners' they sell at the stores near me. There must be
something decent though.

Good luck with the house!


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